Caretaker Interior Miniser Culev Levels New Accusations at Spasovski

At a press-conference on Wednesday, caretaker Interior Minister Nakje Culev said there were indications and material evidence that during current caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski’s term as head of the Ministry, there had been illegal procedures and contracts. According to him, the Ministry is faced with a serious problem and a halt when it comes to issuing personal documents, especially passports. Culev stated that that was a consequence of unscrupulous operation in the past, adding that it also raised suspicions of violations of procedures and legal norms. “There are indications with material evidence saying that procedures would be carried out in contradiction with the law and that contracts would be signed during a public procurement procedure, members of commissions would be replaced, framework deals would take place and, almost always, the foreseen financial frameworks would be exited, tender procedures would be led without a tender specification having been previously conducted,” the caretaker Minister stated. In response, Spasovski said that during his term as Interior Ministry, there had been problems neither with IDs nor with passports. As he added, Culev should resolve the problem on his own.