Celebration of 30th Anniversary of Independence Held

President Stevo Pendarovski, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and numerous other delegations laid wreaths of fresh flowers Wednesday morning at the eternal resting places of former presidents Kiro Gligorov and Boris Trajkovski, marking the 30th anniversary of independence. Former presidents Gligorov and Trajkovski made a significant contribution to the establishment of the independent statehood of the country. The delegation at the flower-laying ceremony was led by PM Zoran Zaev accompanied by First Deputy PM and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations Artan Grubi, Deputy Prime Minister for Fight Against Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources Ljupco Nikolovski, Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Economic Affairs, Coordination with Economic Departments and Investments Fatmir Bytyqi and Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska. In addition to the members of the delegations of the state leadership, fresh flowers were laid by the Army, the Union of Veterans, several state and social institutions, the diplomatic corps, religious communities, civil society organizations, political parties, ZELS and of the City of Skopje, as well as numerous other delegations.