Central Board of SDSM Approves New Cabinet of PM-Designate Kovacevski

The Central and Executive Board of SDSM held a session on Monday evening where they approved the new governmental cabinet assembled by the PM-designate and SDSM Leader Dimitar Kovacevski. PM-designate and SDSM Leader Dimitar Kovacevski said that the new members of his cabinet are well-renown professionals in their respective areas. Kovacevski is to submit the proposal for the new cabinet to the Parliament on Tuesday, and it is expected to be fully adopted as late as 16 January. As Kovacevski revealed during the meeting, Fatmir Bytyqi will remain Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, Oliver Spasovski will remain Interior Minister, Blagoj Bocvarski will remain Minister of Transport and Communications and Goran Milevski will remain Minister of Local Self-government. The new ministers are: Nikola Tupancevski as Justice Minister, Slavica Grkovska as Deputy PM for Fighting Corruption, Slavjanka Petrovska as Defence Minister, Bisera Kostadinovska-Stojcevska as Culture Minister, and Jovana Trencevska as Labour and Social Policy Minister. Ljupco Nikolovski will move from Deputy PM for Fighting Corruption to the position of Agriculture Minister, while current Justice Minister Bojan Maricic will replace Nikola Dimitrov as Deputy PM for European Affairs. From DUI they inform that they will retain the current positions in the new government, except for the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, which is to be taken over by a candidate from Alternativa. Bekim Sali from Alternativa will be the new Health Minister, while DUI will propose new Education Minister.