Central Committee of SDSM Expected to Discuss Zaev’s Resignation

Part with hopes that Zaev will still change his mind, part with the view that his decision should be respected – opinions are divided in the SDSM leadership before Tuesday’s meeting of the Central Committee, where, according to the announcement by the Prime Minister and party president, his resignations will be made official. “It is best for Zaev to be here, both in the Government and in the party, but due to the moral circumstance I do not know if that is possible. The decision should not be made on the premise that someone has been preceded. The attacks are justified or unfounded, but that should not be a reason to leave. The question about Zaev is that he is the connective tissue. Such a serious coalition with clear strategic goals towards European integration, with the concept of “one society for all” needs Zaev. It unites the structures in both the party and the coalition,” Spasovski told Utrinski brifing. Zaev confirmed his resignations on Friday after the meeting with Gashi.