Central Register: We Couldn’t prevent Opening of Bulgarian Centre in Bitola

The Central Register of North Macedonia came out with an announcement after the Justice Ministry and former Justice Minister Renata Deskoska stated that it is responsible for the approval of the opening of the Bulgarian culture centre Vancho Mihailov in Bitola. “On 13 March 2019 we received the application for registration of the Vancho Mihailov association in Bitola by the natural entity Ljupco Gjoergievski. After we determined that Vancho Mihailov does not have descendants in the country up to three times removed, and we decided to seek opinion from the Justice Ministry. The Law for Registration of Associations clearly states that if an association is to be named by a historical figure, consent for that action must be secured by the person in question or by descendants up to three times removed from them, and if none of these options are applicable, opinion is to be sought by the Justice Ministry. However, we did not receive a negative opinion, but just a notice that the Justice Ministry cannot provide opinion about this case because it does not have a register of historical figures. Henceforth, since there was no regulation about cases of such type in the country, the Central Register approved the application and registered the association in question, for we cannot go against the Constitutionally guaranteed right of the citizens to be organise din associations for realisation of their rights,” they inform from the Central Register.