Chief of Janeva’s Office provides Statement on “Racketeering” Case

The Chief of Office of Katica Janeva, the Head of the Special Public Prosecution (SPO), provided a statement in relation to the “Racketeering” case on Thursday at the Public Prosecution for Organised Crime. The Chief of Janeva’s Office is the third SPO employee to provide statement on “Racketeerin” case so far, after Prosecutors Elizabeta Josifovska and Lile Stefanova. From the Public Prosecution for Organised Crime they do not reveal any details of the statements in order to protect the investigation. SPO Prosecutor Burim Rustemi was also to provide a statement on Thursday, but for unknown reasons his testimony has been postponed for Friday. Several media reported on Wednesday that Janeva herself is to provide statement on “Racketeering” case on Thrusday, but now it is reported that she will do so next week. In meantime, media report that SPO has tightened security measures, with guards searching the bags of all who enter or exit the building of SPO, something that was criticised by SPO Prosecutor Fatime Fetai. “I told them I am not a suspect in a case to be searched, but they told me the searching of all people entering and exiting the building was ordered by Janeva herself. I was also informed that she even threatened other prosecutors in SPO that if they do not stand in her defence, she would pull them down with her,” Fetai said.