CMC: 10 Major Wildfires Currently Active in Country

The latest information from the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) state that at the moment there are 10 active wildfires all over the country. The report of CMC notes that at the moment, in the Stip region, the wildfire stretching between Pehcevo and Delcevo is the most dangerous one because it is being spread around the area uncontrollably due to the strong wind and at the moment covers a surface of around 50 square kilometres. Over 100 soldiers, as well as firefighters from the country and from Bulgaria intervene over the fire, while Delcevo Mayor Goran Trajkovski ordered evacuation of the citizens of the villages Nov Istvenik and Trabotiviste. Due to the great risk, the local road Berovo-Delcevo has been closed since 11:00 am. In the same region, the wildfire that erupted on 2 August near the Pasjak village near Kocani is still active but under control. In the Kumanovo region, firefighters and employees from the PE Macedonian Forests are intervening over a wildfire in Staro Nagoricane, near the village of Jacince. In the Strumica region, firefighters managed to put under control the fires that erupted near the area known as Pogana, as well as the one near Gevgelija. In the Prilep region, soldiers and firefighters intervene over an active wildfire on a surface of around 2,000 hectares between villages of Rakle, Nikodin and Toplica, while another fire caused a permanent closing of the local road Prilep-Gradsko, while the Municipality of Prilep demanded intervention from air by the helicopters of the army. 18 fires were also registered around the city of Skopje, but from CMC they inform that most of them posed no risk over the urban areas and the citizens. Several fires were also registered in the regions around Tetovo, Veles, Sveti Nikole and Rosoman.