CMC: Eight Wildfires Still Active Around Country

Vice-Manager at the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Marija Milkova presented at a press conference the new command system NIX which will digitise data about the fire collected from terrain and will store it in a central database for the necessities of CMC. “This will provide us with better insight into the situation so that we can properly plan our further actions to tackle the wildfires. At the moment, 8 fires are active on different locations, and the Romanian C-27 aircraft is intervening over the fire near Prilep. Around 01:30 pm we managed to put under control the fire near Budinarci, Delcevo, but the wind reignited it. Some of the fires in the regions around Delcevo, Petrovec, Skopje, Kavadarci and Stip are still active, but no longer pose danger for the villages and the houses of people. Firefighters and soldiers from our country, joined by firefighters from Austria, Slovenia and Bulgaria are intervening over the fires,” Milkova said.