CMC: Majority of Fires Extinguished Thanks to Rains

The Crisis Management Centre reported on Thursday that thanks to the rains that took place in several part of the country on Wednesday evening, many of the forest fires that raged across the country have been completely put out. “Thanks to the heavy rains and hailstorms, almost all forest fires are either completely extinguished, or put under control b our teams. The only active fire now is the one in Saraj, near the village of Raovic, but thanks to the rain it is much smaller now and firefighters have the situation under control,” they reported from CMC. Over the past two weeks, the country faced serious situations with great forest fires active in several parts of the territory, for which assistance came in form of firefighting teams, aircrafts and other equipment from Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro and France, and the EU’s Copernicus Satellite was used. In meantime, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski informed that so far 17 persons have been arrested under suspicion that they have set some of the forest fires.