Commission: Decision in Gruevski Case was Made Professionally

On Thursday, the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination complained of, as it said, attempts to pressure and discredit it. “Regarding some tendentious and false press-releases by certain associations of citizens, as well as statements by some individuals, which have appeared in some media regarding the Commission’s work, we have the duty to inform the public that they only represent yet another attempt to discredit the Commission and obstruct its professional work, but also to pressure this independent state institution, which operates exclusively in accordance with the Prevention and Protection against Discrimination Law. We stress that 5 of the 7-member Commission are university professors and in its operation so far, the Commission has acted professionally and impartially, regardless of the grounds and area of discrimination and regardless of the submitter of the complaint or who it is filed against. That was the case also with the 13 September 2018 complaint filed by Nikola Gruevski,” it pointed out.