Commission to Request Criminal Prosecution of Raskovski and Zekiri

The State Commission for Prevention and Corruption will request for the Prosecutor’s Office to criminally prosecute former Government Secretaries General Dragi Raskovski and Muhamed Zekiri for abuse of official position. As it was said on Monday, it has formed a case upon an unknown initiative. As the Commission found, from 2017 to 2021, the Secretariat hired a big number of part-time workers who would receive up to 37,000 euros. Budget funds totalling 2.5 million euros were spent. The associates were hired through the same copyright agency and private agency for employment. Just one of the members didn’t agree to the initiative for criminal prosecution, saying other institutions should do that. An initiative to the Prosecutor’s Office has also been filed concerning responsible persons in the Municipalities of Petrovec, Cair, Brvenica, Saraj, and for the State Attorney’s Office for payment of funds to the account of journalist Besmira Ejupi.