Committee reportedly not to Debate Gruevski’s mandate Issue

Parliament’s Committee on Mandatory-Immunity Issues will reportedly not debate the issue of former PM Nikola Gruevski’s MP mandate. According to reports, MP Pavle Bogoevski, Chairperson of the Committee, announced there would be a session but afterwards said he would schedule it after the end of the session of the Defence Committee at which amendments to the laws concerning the new National Security Agency and intelligence community should be adopted. The reactions to the audio recording in which Bogoevski’s voice can be heard have in the meantime continued. On Saturday, VMRO-DPMNE urged Bogoevski to undergo a drug test on his own and resign as MP. PS Talat Xhaferi rejected the initiative of the eight independent MPs for voluntary drug testing of parliamentarians. As Parliament’s press-service explained, there are no legal grounds for that. The previous day, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski had said a procedure had been launched in relation to the Pavle Bogoevski case, adding that police would treat it “as any other case”.