Company Owned by Ex-Deputy PM’s Son Wins Tender related to OSCE Council

Sportspersons and sports events will have by the end of November left the Boris Trajkovski hall for the Ministerial Council of the OSCE that will be held in Skopje at the end of North Macedonia’s Chairpersonship-in-Office.

The deal, worth around 1.5 million euros (without VAT), has been received by a Zelino-based company, Eurovia, whose owner, Elmedin Ademi, is the son of ex-deputy PM Ademi. In addition, on at least two occasions, the company and its owner donated bigger amounts to DUI.

The Foreign Ministry claims that the suspicions are unjustified, saying Eurovia has been chosen because its amount was the lowest among four bids for organisation of the Council summit, in a procedure according to the Law on Public Procurement.