Conference “Two Years of Government” held in Skopje

The Macedonian government organised on Sunday in Skopje a conference titled “Two Years of Government – Responsibility before the Citizens”. At the conference, PM Zoran Zaev along with all Vice-PMs, Radmila Sekerinska, Oliver Spasovski, Bujar Osmani and Koco Angjusev, spoke about the accomplishments of the government in the past two years, i.e. the first half of their mandate. “Starting with the times when we were still in opposition, and today when we are in power, our greatest interest, pledge and goal was to secure a good future for our citizens, and give a new dimension of peace and stability to our country and the surrounding region. We managed to resolve all open bilateral issues with our neighbouring countries, setting great examples about how issues like these can be overcome with political will, courage and creativity. The international community recognised these efforts of ours, which is why at the moment we are about to become a member-state of NATO and are about to start membership negotiations with the EU. This government activated all of its capacities in order to serve the citizens and improve their living standards. We implemented numerous reforms in sectors like social policy, security, education, economy… There are also the reforms in the judicial sector, with which we finally established order in the judiciary, and judges are no longer exposed to political pressures. We can also witness the outstanding job of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, which acts independently and does not spare people who acted in illegal manners just because they are on positions of power,” Zaev said.