Constitutional Changes Issue: Latest Reactions

While the Ministry of Justice is talking to experts that would be part of the working group for constitutional changes, the ruling structure and the opposition have been silent following the vocal stands concerning participation in the group. PM Dimitar Kovacevski says the group is exactly the place where all proposals need to be considered. University professor Aleksandar Spasenovski, a former VMRO-DPMNE MP, says that perhaps there should be thinking about changing also the Coat of Arms, an old initiative, that would create good will in the opposition’s ranks in terms of it participating actively in the constitutional changes process. However, VMRO-DPMNE’s stand is that Kovacevski, not the opposition, is the country’s problem. “Kovacevski may be mad at VMRO-DPMNE for not supporting all treacherous deals of SDS and DUI, but the bigger worry for us is that thousands of families are hungry,” Hristijan Mickoski’s party notes. According to Socialist Party of Macedonia, Kovacevski doesn’t understand the opposition’s stand.