Constitutional Court: Decision for Cutting of Salaries Goes Against Constitution

The Constitutional Court issued a press release in response to the governmental reaction to their decision to temporarily suspend the regulation for lowering the salaries of state officials on14,500 denars for the months of April and May. “According to the decision, there is no dilemma that all judges can be asked to provide consent for their salary to be cut through a series of regulations. We must also point out that all constitutional judges are well aware of the ongoing pandemic in the country and the rest of the world, and we recognise the necessity of institutions to take measures in order to stop the spreading of this virus. However, this regulation in particular is limited with the Constitution of North Macedonia, and our job as constitutional judges is to protect the Constitution and to make sure that no decisions, laws or regulations that violate it are adopted or implemented. This decision was reached unanimously by all 9 constitutional judges,” writes the announcement of the Constitutional Court. In meantime, the Association of Judges of Macedonia recommended its members to donate at least 20 % of their salaries to the solidary fund against COVID-19.