Constitutive Session of New Parliament Assembly Held

The Parliament of Macedonia verified the mandates of the newly elected 120 MPs at the constitutive session that took place on Tuesday, following the 2020 parliamentary election. At the session, the MPs elected the new members of the Verification Committee of the Parliament, electing MP Jagoda Sahpaska as its President. After the appointment of the new committee members, the Verification Committee concluded that not a single of the 120 mandates of the new candidates is disputed and that they are now officially members of the Parliament of Macedonia. Out of 120 MPs of the new assembly, only 3 were not present at the constitutive session. The session was chaired by outgoing Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. The new parliamentary assembly is yet to elect a new Parliament Speaker and presidents and members of the Parliamentary committees, with Xhaferi saying that these elections and appointments will be carried out once conditions for that are created in the Parliament. The session was held in the Great Dome hall on the roof of the Parliament building and not in the Macedonia hall as usual, due to the protocols for protection from the coronavirus. Because of the epidemic, all MPs, journalists and guests were checked their body temperature and had to disinfect their hands before entering the building of the Parliament, and their movement around the building was limited. At the 2020 parliamentary election held on 15 July, the alliance of SDSM and BESA won 46 MP seats, VMRO-DPMNE won 44, DUI 15, Alliance for Albanians and Alternative 12, Levica 2 and DPA 1.