Continuation of Four Trials Remains Uncertain

The Tenders case, in which former Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska is among the defendants, may pick up where it left off only if the lawyers and prosecutor agree on that, the Criminal Court has assessed. Otherwise, the trial, which is at the stage of closing arguments, will be restarted due to a dismissed lay judge. For the same reasons, the continuation of the Titanic, Thaler, and Toplik processes is uncertain as well. Judge Vladimir Tufegdzic proposes as a solution to the problem an intervention to the law to allow lay judges whose term is expiring to continue their engagement until the end of the process. If there are new lay judges, they should get familiarised with the case outside the main hearing without an interruption of the trial. 15 persons applied at the last competition for 50 lay judges.