Coronavirus Situation: 89 New Cases, 17 Cured Patients and Seven Deaths

“Over the past 24 hours, 89 new COVID-19 cases have been registered,” the Health Ministry said on Monday. It was added that the same period had seen 17 new cured patients and seven new deaths. 727 tests were taken in the 24-hour span. There are currently 606 active cases in Macedonia. Among the new cases is Public Revenue Office (PRO) Director Sanja Lukarevska. She said she’d been tested due to the working meetings with SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri. “I don’t have any symptoms and am already in domestic self-isolation. I cannot be certain as to how I contracted the virus, but all contacts I had in the last days saw full compliance with the protection measures, with a face mask, at a distance, and with regular disinfection,” she added.