Corridors Case: Latest Developments

The Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organised Crime and Corruption has received the contract with Bechtel and ENKA over the Corridors. As the institution pointed out on Friday, considering the vast documentation, the public prosecutor and team of investigators will need time to analyse and check all indications and allegations which have been a public interest for months. Regarding the issue of the European flag in the procedure, the EU Delegation in Skopje has asked for additional clarifications. “Marking the laws with the European flag aims to help speed up the country’s EU integration and, based on that, needs to aim at alignment of the legislation with the EU’s acquis and standards. In this case, it seems the draft-laws don’t concern alignment with such standards. We’ve expressed our concern to national authorities and are asking for additional clarifications,” the Delegation said. VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Vlado Misajlovski said it was good that the EU had immediately said the European flag procedure was not needed over the changes to the laws. SDSM MPs, on the other hand, support the draft-changes to the five laws concerning the Corridors with the European flag, Mile Taleski, MP from the ruling party pointed out.