COVID-19: 388 New Cases Registered Over Past Weekend

The Ministry of Health registered 388 new COVID-19 cases during the past weekend, 160 on Friday, 141 on Saturday and 87 on Sunday. Most of the new cases are registered in major cities like Skopje, Stip, Kumanovo, Gostivar etc. Over the past weekend, the Health Ministry registered a total number of 512 cured patients, as well as 12 COVID-19-related deaths (3 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday). From the Interior Ministry they inform that over the weekend 1,258 citizens were fined for not wearing face protection gear in accordance with the protocols for protection from COVID-19. Since the start of the epidemic in Macedonia, a total number of 12,739 COVID-19 cases were registered, of which 9,147 are cured, 3,021 are still active, while 544 have passed away.