COVID-19 Situation Over Weekend

The Health Ministry informed that Friday, Saturday and Sunday had 1,174, 1,092, and 687 registered new COVID-19 cases respectively. During the same period 120 persons infected with the virus passed away. The total number of diagnosed patients in the country since the beginning of the epidemic is 141,844, the number of recovered patients is 116,780, the number of deaths is 4,228, while the number of active current cases is 20,836. During the weekend, the vaccination at the Sports Centre “Boris Trajkovski” continues with uninterrupted tempo. Health Minister Venko Filipce informed that about 300,000 doses are expected to arrive this month. 200,000 from the Chinese “Sinofarm”, about 11,000 vaccines from the direct agreement with “Pfizer”, 25,000 through the three-party agreements with the EU member states, as well as the second part of the donation from Serbia of 20,000 “Sputnik V” vaccines. The remaining 76,000 doses of AstraZeneca are also due to arrive in April via the COVAX system.