CPP establishes Cessation of SPO prosecutors’ Mandate

The Council of Public Prosecutors (CPP) has established the cessation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office’s (SPO) prosecutors’ mandate, following Saturday’s dismissal of Katica Janeva as Special Prosecutor. CPP President Aco Kolevski stated after Monday’s session that the prosecutors should return to their parent prosecutor’s offices. Janeva’s team, elected in October 2015, consisted of Lile Stefanova, Fatime Fetai, Lence Ristevska, Artan Ajro, Burim Rustemi, Gavril Bubevski, Ljubomir Lape, Stevco Donev, Trajce Pelivanov and Elizabeta Josifoska. At the start of 2016, Janeva requested for Marija Gjorgeva and Lejla Kadriu to be dismissed. “Prosecutors Lence Ristovska, Fatime Fetai, Gavril Bubevski, Trajce Pelivanov and Artan Ajro should return to the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office, Lile Stefanova to Radovis, Burim Rustemi and Ljubomir Lape to the Kumanovo Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, Elizabeta Josifoska to the Kicevo Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office, Stevco Donev to the Kocani Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office,” Kolevski said. The session also saw the CPP make a decision to put out of force the part of the decision determining that Janeva’s function at the Prosecutor’s Office in Gevgelija has been put on hold as long as she heads the SPO. This means that Janeva can no longer return to work at that Office. Monday also saw the process over the Transporter and Trajectory cases postponed.