Criminal Charges Against 29 Persons for Violation of Self-Isolation Measure

From Thursday, according to the Government’s conclusions, the Ministry of Interior will start publishing statements from every person who leaves the country, with which they commit not to return to the country in the next three months. This was stated by Interior Minister Nakje Culev at a press conference, noting that the Department of Special Police Operations is undertaking operations in the crisis area of ​​Debar and Centar Zupa, but is also engaged throughout the country. On Thursday, the Ministry of Interior held a work meeting with the leadership of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, at which an operational headquarters was set up and defined in which parts the Army can assist MoI in realizing its current obligations and authorities in dealing with COVID-19, after President Stevo Pendarovski declared a 30-day state of emergency the day before. So far, a total of 24 criminal charges have been filed against 29 people for not complying to the measures aimed at protecting the populace from the spread of coronavirus.