Croatian PM Plenkovic Visits North Macedonia

Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic paid an official visit to North Macedonia on Wednesday. In Skopje, Plenkovic attended and addressed a session in the Parliament, speaking of the importance of the integration in the EU for North Macedonia and its citizens. “Take the Croatian experience as example. Thanks to the integration in the EU, today we have a great amount of non-refundable finance that enters our country, supporting the growth and development of our society. We also faced our fair share of difficulties and disputes upon accession, but if I draw a line now, I can say that the compromises we made were not in vain. I completely understand the frustration because you have been left to wait before EU’s doors for too long, but now the political winds blow in your favour, and you should not let this chance go, and Croatia will remain your great friend and supporter in that process,” Plenkovic told the MPs. Previously, Plenkovic had a meeting with PM Dimitar Kovacevski, after which they held a mutual press conference. Plenkovic did not want to comment on the process of constitutional changes, even though the opposition in North Macedonia proposes these changes to be executed as in the Croatian Constitution. “This is a matter that it totally up to your country to resolve, i.e. which demands consensus by all political parties, by reaching solutions which are more suitable for your society,” Plenkovic said.