Daravelski’s Defence Asks for Repeat of Court Procedure

The defence of former Customs Administration Director Dragan Daravelski has asked for the court procedure to be repeated. The information as confirmed by the Criminal Court on Wednesday. Daravelski received an effective verdict (seven years in prison for abuse of official position and authority) in May 2007, which was confirmed by the Court of Appeals in the capital the following year. According to the defence, the process should be repeated because in the first proceedings, the verdict was reached in absentia. “In accordance with the request, a case has been formed that’s been assigned before a relevant Criminal Council for further action. Regarding the request, the Council, according to the legal competences, will first turn for data to the institution where he is serving the prison sentence and then send the case for an opinion to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. Once the documents are completed, the Council schedules a session and, after the made decision, the parties and public will be notified in a timely fashion,” the Court noted.