Debate on Prespa Agreement held at FON University

The second debate on the Constitutional Changes included in the Prespa Agreement was held on Thursday at the premises of the FON University in Skopje. The main speakers of the debate were PM Zoran Zaev, FON Rector Nano Ruzin and university professor Temelko Ristovski. “I am aware that the citizens have negative feeling for the change of the name of the country to “Republic of North Macedonia”, but it is a fact that we are a part of the historical region of Macedonia, which currently lies on the territories of our country, and of Greece, Bulgaria, and a small portion in the territory of Albania. We aspire to open our borders for cooperation with our neighbour, which will take us closer to integration in the EU and NATO. Previously, because of this issue, the EU and NATO referred Macedonia in bilateral communications with the term “your country”, which was rather humiliating. Once the name issue is resolved, it will no longer be the case, and Macedonia will finally be able to deal with other challenges,” Zaev said.