Defence Minister Sekerinska Satisfied with Ratification Tempo

The Czech Republic and USA will soon ratify the protocol for Macedonian membership into NATO. Defence Minister, Radmila Sekerinska stated that she is satisfied with the tempo of ratification in the Alliance countries. Turkey will ratify the accession protocol after the local elections scheduled in 10 days, and tomorrow there will be a hearing at the Committee for Foreign Affairs at the US Senate, as stated by Minister Sekerinska. The protocol this month was ratified by Norway and Germany, and soon it will be ratified by the Czech Republic Parliament. In the meantime, the Macedonian army increased its logistic capacities, with the procurement of 15 new engineer machines. This is the first such investment in the past 16 years. According to Minister Sekerinska the rumours that the “broom” will sweep Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski and Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, Koco Angjusev under the request of the Skopje organization of SDSM are speculations, according to Minister Sekerinska.