Democratic Movement Founding Council Holds First Meeting

The first meeting of the founding council of Izet Mexhiti’s party, Democratic Movement, was held on Thursday.

“At the meeting, which saw a discussion on the course of the Movement’s organisation and political topicality, a decision was made to continue the registration of new members of Democratic Movement not only online, but also directly. At this meeting, it was concluded that regarding registration of new members, interest so far had exceeded all expectations, which certainly increases the motivation for maximum engagement towards achievement of the main goals that will bring change to the political scene,” the party said on Friday.

The council, at the same time, additionally tasked President Izet Mexhiti to act intensively and jointly with the opposition front from the ethnic Albanian bloc in order for an end to be put to “the rule of the corrupt government, which obviously, with the last actions, especially regarding the scandalous changes to the Criminal Code, has realised itself that the end is not far.”