Democratic Party of Turks of Macedonia in Favour of Simultaneous Elections

The Democratic Party of Turks of Macedonia believes that the two election processes should be held simultaneously. “Instead of seeing the big picture, unfortunately, the narrow-party interest of the major political parties from the ruling majority and from the opposition will ultimately lead to the people paying the biggest price,” the Party said on Monday. According to it, the parliamentary and presidential elections should be held simultaneously for financial reasons.

When it comes to the ethnic Albanian opposition, BESA, Alternative, and Democratic Movement, it believes Parliament should elect the person nominated by them as State Election Commission member, Abdush Demiri, as soon as possible. “The government is preparing unfair elections,” it pointed out, adding that it would inform over that all embassies and international institutions, including the US and the EU. According to the bloc, the first indications that there will be election manipulation came from Foreign Minister and DUI’s Vice-President, Bujar Osmani, who, in the capacity of OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, tried to reduce the number of observers from the Organisation.

According to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi’s Cabinet, the Committee on Election and Appointment Issues, chaired by SDSM, needs to decide on the matter. “It needs to make a list of candidates part of the competition and determine from it the nomination, before the final election is made at a session,” it said.