Democratic Union Expects Next Year to See Strong Challenges and Changes

Democratic Union expects 2023 to be a year of strong challenges and changes. “Our assessment is that in May, parliamentary elections will be held and a wide coalition government will be formed, while the PM will be from the party that will win most MP seats. Next year, main priorities will be reform in the court system, review of the work of courts and prosecutors, as well as re-election of theirs, so that systemic grounds are laid for a credible court system, resilient to political and corrupt influences. In this regard, what’s expected is robust fight against organised crime and high corruption, confiscation of criminally acquired assets, and ban on political action through establishment of a completed and efficient system. If these two crucial goals are achieved, conditions will be provided for the rule of law, economic development and implementation of EU values, and a formal start of the EU admission negotiations,” Pavle Trajanov’s party says.