Deputy PM Maricic Explains Screening Process

Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic held a press conference at the government on Thursday, at which he explained the screening process for North Macedonia from the membership negotiations with the EU. “We have solid grounds to deal with upcoming challenges, thanks to all the initiatives we have taken so far which prepared our country for this process. The screening is an analytic process and presentation of the conditions of the country candidate for EU membership in relation to the degree of the adaptation of its legislature to that applied in the EU. The main role of the screening is to provide clear image about the legal environment in our country and how far is it adapted to the legislature of the EU, so that we know which areas we need to focus more later in the process when the chapters are open. In accordance with the new methodology adopted by the EU in 2020, the chapters will be opened in clusters, and the report about the first cluster of ‘Fundamental values’ we can expect as early as the first quarter of 2023. The entire screening process is to start this September, with a calendar of events and meetings already prepared by the EU,” Maricic said.