Deputy PM Osmani Pays Visit to Brussels

On Tuesday, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani paid a visit to Brussels for a presentation of a report prepared with the UN. The document represents an insight into Macedonia’s position in 2035 with and without started negotiations with the EU. According to the results of the analysis, the differences in the scenarios are drastic. “For example, if unemployment now is at 17%, with started negotiations, we would have unemployment of 7% in 2035, whereas without negotiations, we would fall at most to 14%, but we wouldn’t be able to go below. That’s a huge difference. Another example is the citizens’ life expectancy, which is now 75 years. Without negotiations, in 2035, it would be 77 years, whereas with started negotiations, it would be 82 years,” he explained. During the visit he also talked about other issues, including the Public Prosecutor’s Office Draft Law and Macedonia’s EU road. In that regard, he said though there were positive signals for a start of negotiations before May, what remained important is for the document to be adopted by consensus in Parliament in order to ensure that those countries that were against enlargement didn’t have arguments. As he said, though it’s not an official condition, there being a political deal on the matter is important.