Deskoska: Public Prosecutor’s Office Law praised by International community

On Monday, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska said the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law had been praised by the international community. She expects all political parties in Parliament to prioritise the country’s interests over personal ones. “Our obligation from the standpoint of preparing a quality law has been completed. I expect all political parties that are in Parliament to prioritise our country’s interests for Euro-integration over the personal ones of persons against whom procedures are underway by the Special Prosecutor’s Office,” Deskoska noted. According to the Minister, all parties, including the opposition, should express support because the document can be adopted only if there is a two-thirds majority. Regarding the Nikola Gruevski case, she said there would once again be an extradition request for the former PM over the 27 April case. “The file has been completed,” she said, adding that it would be sent to Hungary in the coming days.