Different Reactions to President Pendarovski’s Address in Parliament

SDSM praised on Wednesday President Stevo Pendarovski’s address in Parliament, describing him as an ally in overcoming all obstacles and reaching solutions ensuring a better life. The party’s Parliamentary Group Coordinator, Jovan Mitreski, welcomed, as he said, the fact that Pendarovski defends the state position in the process to ensure the country’s European future, as well is in finding solutions to the Bulgaria issue. PM and SDSM President Zoran Zaev, too, welcomed the President’s address. DUI described the speech as an excellent address. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs used banners and left the hall shortly after the start of the President’s speech. “VMRO-DPMNE continues the frozen relations with Stevo Pendarovski,” MP Aleksandar Nikoloski said. Alliance for Albanians and Alternative, too, had remarks about the address.