Dimitrov and Gjorgjiev on Developments Related to Skopje-Sofia Commission

Angel Dimitrov, who heads the Bulgarian team in the frames of the Skopje-Sofia Commission on Educational and Historical Issues, says the blocking of the normal rhythm of the work of the Commission and small achieved results is because the team from North Macedonia doesn’t accept that “we have joint history, which started” in the Middle Ages. On the other hand, the head of North Macedonia’s team, Dragi Gjorgiev, commenting on Dimitrov’s stand, says progress cannot be expected when one of the sides accuses the other of not wanting to accept the first side’s absolute truth. “The Bulgarian side insists on joint history established in the Middle Ages. We don’t run away from the joint history, but it shouldn’t be understood in the manner in which the Bulgarian side does – that history form the Middle Ages to 1945 is a joint one. If that is so, then that’s not a joint history, that’s a history of a same people. Such an approach is not scientific, it’s not historical, that’s just political interpretation,” he stresses.