Dimitrov Calls on Mizrahi to Use Tables Containing Country’s New Name

Following Greece’s protest note, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said on Sunday that caretaker Labour and Social Policy Minister Rashela Mizrahi should once again start to use the sign containing the new name of the country she’d removed on Friday. According to him, otherwise, she will be held criminally responsible. Dimitrov added that caretaker Interior Minister Nakje Culev had been the first to violate the Prespa deal. Dimitrov called on caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski to start a procedure to dismiss Mizrahi. Dimitrov explained the negative impact of Mizrahi’s actions on the Skopje-Athens relations. In his view, her violation of the Constitution means she is also facing criminal responsibility. Mizrahi described the accusations as ridiculous and unfounded. “The accusations are ridiculous. He can mention whatever he wants, but I don’t fear criminal prosecution because I haven’t committed a crime,” she responded. Spasovski hasn’t voiced a stand on whether he will file a proposal for Mizrahi to be dismissed. Asked whether he would react to Greece for observance of the deal and replacement of the signs containing the new name of the country, Dimitrov said he had done so, adding that he expected the deal to be implemented more quickly.