Dimitrov: I am Dismissed Because of My Positions Towards Bulgaria

Outgoing Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov held a press conference on Wednesday, at which he commented his dismissal from his position in the government, as well as the relations with Bulgaria and the processes for resolution of bilateral disputes. “First of all, I would like to deny the claims that I have voluntarily withdrawn from this position. I never fall back in a battle. I struggled hard in order to maintain the firm positions in the negotiations with Bulgaria. Me and the other members of the government face differences in our positions towards Bulgaria, which were quite evident in our public speeches and performances. I still stand on my positions that I will not allow any crossing of the red lines we have agreed upon. I am resolved to continue this struggle, no matter from which position. I only need to stay home, here in my country, something which some other people are already working on to change. I was proposed an ambassadorial position in several countries, even in Washington, but I refused. I believe PM-designate Dimitar Kovacevski does not have the capacity to understand foreign policy. I don’t even trust Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani when it comes to the relations with Bulgaria. I have a feeling there is a drive for success by any means necessary, and I don’t like that, it is dangerous and counter-productive. I will follow the entire process of negotiations with Bulgaria very carefully from now on,” Dimitrov said.