Dimitrov: It is Hard to Work with Macedonian over Historical Affairs

The Co-president of the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on historic Affairs and Head of the Bulgarian team within the same Commission Angel Dimitrov said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) that he is not very optimistic about the work of the Commission, adding that its Macedonian Members are not very cooperative. “Turns out it’s hard to work with Macedonians. The recent statements of Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev gave hope for a possible change of the views towards the past, but were seriously criticised by historians in North Macedonia, especially the members of the Commissions we manage. This is a sign that the work of the Commission will take a while. Now, we need to see the outcome of this political game of independence, that the Macedonian members of the Commission tend to demonstrate so hard,” Dimitrov said.