Dimitrov: No start of Membership Talks means No EU Perspective for WB

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov pays an official visit to Stockholm, Sweden, where on Monday he took part in a discussion focusing on the political events in the West Balkans (WB) and the EU perspectives of those countries. “The European Commission issued its 10th, and this time unconditioned, recommendation for the EU to start the membership talks with North Macedonia. However, if we are forced to wait for the 11th recommendation before we start the negotiations, then I will not have the dignity to speak to my people about the European perspective. If EU does not start membership talks with North Macedonia by the end of this year, that would mean that there is no European perspective, despite all that our government achieved in the past two years,” Dimitrov said. The Foreign Minister referred to reports of the EC, the US Department of State, Freedom House and other international institutions, stating that these institutions have already recognised the great change and progress Macedonia made in the past two years. “We managed to make courageous decisions and resolve bilateral issues with our neighbours that were extremely complicated, and if the EU still does not recognise these results and keeps on postponing the decision, then we can no longer say that there is European Perspective for the West Balkans,” Dimitrov added.