Dimitrov Takes Part in NATO Meeting of Foreign Ministers

Macedonian Foreign Minister took part on behalf of Macedonia in the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the member-states of NATO, which is the first meeting of this kind that Macedonia took part in as a full-fledged NATO member. Due to the traveling restrictions most of the European countries introduced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held via a video-link. In his address, Dimitrov accented the importance of Macedonia’s membership in NATO. “The accession of North Macedonia in NATO is a great success realised thanks not only to all of our citizens and state officials, but also to our partners from the Euro-Atlantic community. In times like these, the spreading of solidarity and cooperation should develop much faster than the spreading of the virus COVID-19, which as we can see is causing all of us serious problems these days,” Dimitrov said. NATO member-states’ foreign ministers reached a conclusion that the alliance should work on finding resolutions to help its member-states as well as other countries in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The foreign ministers also discussed other security issues like those covering the areas of Afghanistan, the Near East, Syria and North Africa, with Dimitrov stating that Macedonia is ready to take part in the priority activities of NATO.