Dimitrov: We Should Take a Break from Issues with Bulgaria for Now

Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov said in an interview for MIA that Macedonia should take a little break from the bilateral disputes with official Sofia until after the parliamentary election scheduled in Bulgaria for the spring of 2021. “I do not suggest that we should totally abandon the dialogue, but instead to shift our focus and efforts towards implementation of reforms within our country in order to improve our capacities for EU-integration. Our road towards accession in the EU turned out to be very difficult and bumpy, the enlargement process is facing a crisis, and the failure of the EU to deal with the pressure sends a very bad signal not only towards our country, but all Western Balkans. In this process, we are trying to achieve three major goals: to start the accession talks with the EU, to preserve the Macedonian language and identity and to retain friendly relations with Bulgaria, all at the same time. We are very thankful for the efforts invested in the enlargement process by the German presidency with the EU, but still, a decision cannot be made without consensus of all member-states,” Dimitrov said.