Dronzina: North Macedonia Was Target of Russian Cyber-threats

Bulgarian university professor Tatyana Dronzina revealed at the opening of the Regional School on Security 2019 in Skopje that Macedonia has been targeted by Russian cyber-threats from centres based in Bulgaria. “During the elections in North Macedonia, centres of Russian intelligence based in Bulgaria conducted several cyber-operations against North Macedonia. Having this in mind, I completely support the initiative of my colleagues that we need to work together in order to deal with this challenge,” Dronzina said. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrej Zernovski also addressed the opening conference, speaking about the cyber-threats Macedonia and other countries in the region are facing today, focusing on the phenomenon of fake news. “These threats can seriously affect the politics and economy of one country, in order to impose on that country the influence and policy of their creators or procurers. Since the start of the procedures for integration in NATO and EU, North Macedonia is constantly targeted by creators of fake news, whose purpose is to hinder our country’s progress towards integration in these alliances,” Zernovski pointed out. The opening conference was attended by experts from Macedonia, as well as from Bulgaria and Greece.