DUI and Fire Group Observe Party Birthday at Separate Events

The presidency of DUI observed on Monday at the party’s main headquarters in Mala Recica the 21st anniversary of the establishment of the party. The guests at the event were greeted by DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti, who said that over the past 21 years the party managed to resolve many crucial issues concerning the positions of Albanians in North Macedonia. “Thanks to our hard work, we managed to change the status of Albanians from a marginalised community into masters of their own house and national values. Back in 2001 we did not start the war in order to take over power or something similar, but to be treated equally. Today, we managed to realise some of the greatest goals, including the accession of the country in NATO, and I believe that by 2027, we may also achieve the other strategic goal, which is EU integration. I hope that all political parties, including VMRO-DPMNE, will understand the importance of this chance we are given today, and will make the right decision for the better future of all our citizens,” Ahmeti said. The Fire Group celebrated the party jubilee at a separate event held in Tetovo, at which member of the group Musa Xhaferi said that DUI failed to eliminate the corruption from within its own lines. “DUI stand before a choice, either to respect our history, or to estrange Albanians forever by not accepting to push the replacement of ‘20%’ with ‘Albanian language’ in the Constitution. Unfortunately, we can see that over the past 21 years Dui still didn’t manage to eliminate the corruption within the party,” Xhaferi said.