DUI leader Ahmeti Address Following Referendum

This Sunday is important day for Macedonia’s citizens, institutions and democracy, Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) leader Ali Ahmeti said. “Today we have demonstrated democracy – a process for accession to the European Union and NATO. This process means reforms for settling the (name) issue with Greece. This evening we wish to say that the Parliament should make this important decision on resolving the (name) issue with Greece. We shall vote in favor. During the 2016 elections we (DUI) said we were for NATO, and we all wish to join NATO and EU. We (DUI) have been given the mandate for (the country) to join NATO, as there is no other alternative. The referendum is consultative,’ Ahmeti said. Asked about possible early elections if the Parliament fails to adopt the constitutional amendments, Ahmeti said: ‘Macedonia has much more important tasks than calling snap polls’.