DUI Marks 20th Birthday

A big number of Government members were part of Sunday’s event to mark DUI’s 20th birthday. Among them were PM Dimitar Kovacevski, Deputy PMs Slavica Grkovska and Fatmir Bytyqi, and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. Ex-PM Zoran Zaev, ex-Health Minister Venko Filipce, and former Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov were there too. Before cutting the birthday cake, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti held a speech in which he mentioned as achievements the ten-fold increase of Ohrid Framework Agreement-based employments, consensual candidates in elections, and the deals with Bulgaria and Greece. “The Ohrid Framework Agreement and the deals with Bulgaria and Greece are a red line from which there is no going back. Whosoever wants to be part of a coalition with DUI has to support them,” he said. Ahmeti also talked about Kosovo, saying it was not only a bilateral problem, but also a matter of peace and stability.