DUI Ready to Leave Ruling Majority and Make Room for VMRO-DPMNE

Spokespersons of DUI Bujar Osmani wrote on Facebook that DUI would accept the proposal
of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski to leave the ruling majority in order for the
constitutional changes to be adopted. This follows after Mickoski revealed that at the leaders’
meeting PM Dimitar Kovacevski proposed to him for VMRO-DPMNE to form with SDSM
and the other parties a new government after the MPs in the Parliament endorse the necessity
for constitutional changes. “DUI is ready for a government without DUI in it until a
parliamentary election is organised, but only after the opposition supports the adoption of
the constitutional changes, and they must come into force before the formation of this new
government that VMRO-DPMNE would be part of,” Osmani wrote on Facebook. From
VMRO-DPMNE they welcomed the positions of DUI. “Only thing left now is for DUI to
accept for the constitutional changes to enter into force only after the country is integrated in
the EU, when we shall be certain that there will be no new blockades. DUI will go in
opposition next year whether they like it or not, but it is nice to see that they are becoming
aware about it,” writes the reaction of VMRO-DPMNE. EU Ambassador David Geer
reiterated that North Macedonia must adopt the constitutional changes in order to proceed
with the processes for integration in the EU, adding that the country should use the current
chance and momentum in which the enlargement of the EU is highly prioritised due to the
situation in Ukraine. The Party of the Movement of Turks (THP) welcomed the establishment
of new communication between the government and the opposition, expressing hope that this
would accelerate the integration of the country in the EU. From LDP they also said they will
approve the entry of VMRO-DPMNE in the ruling majority only after they support the
constitutional changes. From Levica they claim that if VMRO-DPMNE enters the
government in this manner, that would be the end of democracy in North Macedonia. “If
VMRO-DPMNE accepts this offer by this illegitimate government, Levica will remain the
only party that did not enter or exit the ruling alliance at all, which would cause polarisation
of our society, and will shun the country into a deep and dangerous political and democratic
crisis. It is clear that VMRO-DPMNE are playing a role in the plan for fulfilment of the Sofia
platform,” said Amar Mecinovic from Levica.