EC: No Member State Should Interfere in Domestic Politics of Other Countries

The European Commission reminded that the member states must not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries, EU members or not, under any circumstances, answering a question from correspondent about the statements of the Bulgarian President. Correspondents demanded a reaction from the European Commission after Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said from Slovenia that he expects 120 thousand citizens to be registered as Bulgarians in North Macedonia. The spokesperson of the European Commission, Dana Spinant, did not want to answer specifically for the case with North Macedonia, but reminded of the principled position of the European Commission. “It is never acceptable for one country to dictate anything to another country,” said Spinant, adding that in the case of the census in North Macedonia, if it is a matter of methodological issues, the European Commission does not comment, but wants to resolve the dispute with Bulgaria as soon as possible.