EC: We Hope Inter-Governmental Session Brussels-Skopje Takes Place Soon

Spokesperson of the European Commission (EC) Ana Pisonero said on Monday that the EC still hopes that the first inter-governmental meeting between EU and Macedonia for the start of the EU membership negotiations will take place soon. “The conditions for membership in the EU are pretty clear. We hope that the inter-governmental meeting between Brussels and Skopje will take place soon, and we encourage both North Macedonia and Bulgaria to find a solution for their bilateral disputes. We also remain in contact with the German presidency of the EU, from where they insist on holding the inter-governmental session with Skopje by the end of 2020,” Pisonero said. In meantime, Bulgarian Vice-president Iliana Iotova said that Bulgaria must stand firm on its positions concerning Macedonia and its EU-integration, and that it is very certain that Sofia will put veto on the decision for first inter-governmental session between Brussels and Skopje. “There cannot be any compromises over our history. From the very beginning, the Good-neighbourliness Agreement should’ve contained definitions, or an annex, that precisely defines our historical past,” Iotova said.