EC welcomes Adoption of Law on Amnesty

The European Commission welcomed the adoption of the Law on Amnesty for the Incidents that occurred in the Parliament of Macedonia on 27 April 2017. In a written statement, the Spokesperson of the EC Maja Kocijancic estimates the law as an opportunity for reconciliation on all levels of the Macedonian society. “This decision of the Parliament is an important step towards general reconciliation in the Macedonian society and a process crucial for reaching a consensus for important national issues. EU expects that this legal resolution shall not interfere in the independence of the judiciary, which should make independent decisions about this case and determine if anyone and who organised the incidents, committed violence or did not do their duties to prevent the incidents,” writes the statement of Kocijancic. In a press conference on Wednesday, Governmental Spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski said that the goal of the law is to bring reconciliation among the MPs in the Parliament, and that the government in no way will influence or influenced the judiciary.